Our Teachers


Elena Mamatas

Elena is drawn to yoga for its ability to offer the experience of deep grounding and spacious bliss simultaneously. Her teaching style tends toward a slow flow with attention to breath, whole-body integration, and mindful awareness. Elena especially enjoys attuning students to deeper layers of awareness by bringing attention to the subtle nuances of their experience. She aspires to guide her students toward experiences of full embodiment.

Her yoga journey began in 2008 as a student of mindfulness meditation, and shortly thereafter she landed on her mat. She studied Embodyoga®  with Corinne Andrews and Patty Townsend during her 200 hour teacher training at Yoga Center Amherst in 2016, and has also completed 30 hours of training in restorative yoga therapeutics with Jillian Pransky. In May of 2017 she opened Great Falls Yoga in Turners Falls in hopes of sharing yoga with everyone in her community. 

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Jackie Howard

Jackie Howard is a 200 hour certified Akhanda (Holistic) Yoga teacher. She completed her training at Anand Prakash Ashram in Rishikesh India under the loving guidance of her teacher Yogrishi Vishvketu-ji. In addition to her Hatha Yoga training she is also a student of Bhakti Yoga in the Vaisnava tradition. Her approach draws from the idea that yoga is more of a ‘work-in’ than a ‘work-out’. Although a flexible body has many benefits, it’s ultimately the flexibility of the mind & the openness of the heart that will allow us to expand and grow infinitely in the journey of yoga. Jackie feels to be an effective teacher you must also be a dedicated student, she continues her training in the Akhanda, Bhakti & Sivananda traditions hoping to bring herself & students closer to our true nature, which is loving, compassionate & kind.


Jena Duncan

Jena is a graduate of the Adhikara Yoga school which focuses on social justice, analyzing cultural appropriation and a trauma informed approach. Whether you’re just starting out or practice regularly, you are welcomed to the mat with options and variations to support your body and experience. Jena is committed to lifting up those that haven’t felt welcomed in a mainstream yoga class. They share classes that are a vinyasa style flow of physical postures guided by themes of yoga and buddhist philosophy. Jena is devoted to sharing practice with their queer and trans community to contribute towards individual and collective healing and liberation.


Jocelyn O'Shea

By creating a strong flexible body you will find a strong flexible mind.

My classes integrate the philosophy of yoga and mindfulness practices with careful guidance and close attention to breathing. Focus on alignment helps to maintain a balance between effort and ease in our practice.

I began practicing yoga in 1999, and started teaching full time in 2009. I have studied many different lineages but currently teach non-lineage based yoga. I encourage my students to look within and listen to the inner teacher, to move intuitively in ways that promote harmony and healing.

I have found my greatest teachers to be my students who bring me endless inquiry and inspiration. It has been through teaching that I have learned about anatomy, modifications, and articulated guidance. As a teacher I am known for my consistency, precision, creativity, warmth and humor. It is with great love and respect that I offer these teachings to anyone who is interested in learning.


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Molly Osowski

Molly is a 200 hr RYT, trained in Ashtanga Vinyasa and alignment principles. She began practicing in 2015 in Rishikesh, India along the holy Ganges, and quickly fell in love with Yoga for its simplicity, philosophy, and the way it brings one to the present moment. The next year she traveled to Calle, Colombia to live at Yogendra Eco Ashram, a Krishna temple, for a teacher training under Syam Vallabhi Devi Dasi and Chaitanya Nitay Das. Molly's teacher training turned out to be a cathartic experience that helped uncover truths within herself and led to other forms of Ayurvedic healing and plant-medicine. She was drawn to the Yogis for their happiness, vitality, beauty, timeless wisdom, and overall lightness in life. Molly is an avid reader and dedicated student who highly respects the tradition of Yoga, and loves trying out new teachers and styles as she develops her own. She looks forward to going back to India to study before traveling the world as a teacher. Molly's goal as a Yoga instructor is making the practice more accessible to everyone, and she offers a free class at Great Falls once a week. Molly grew up locally in Northfield, MA and hopes to assist in healing our community by helping people heal themselves through Yoga and realizing our true nature; that is peaceful, joyful, and whole. 


Tina Robison

Tina Robison, RYT 200, began practicing yoga in 2000, being drawn to yoga to promote healing and alleviate suffering.  Tina completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training with Eileen Muir at Karuna in Northampton, and her Birthing Mama® 90-hour Prenatal Yoga and Wellness Teacher Training with Corrine Andrews at Yoga Center Amherst.  Tina has shared her practice as a teacher with community classes, high school classes, and most recently with expectant and new mothers.  Primarily focusing on the teachings of BKS Iyengar, Tina has a gentle approach to yoga that helps create space and integrate body, mind, and emotions.  Tina’s classes are a fun balance of turning inward, challenging yourself, and finding the ease in every pose.