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The Underground: A Winter Mini Series


Kick off the New Year by making a commitment to deepen your yoga practice with Kendra Renzoni. This carefully tailored mini-series is suited for experienced beginners and will support your progression toward a stronger level of physical practice.

We will do this by covering the underground and foundational movements that create strength, stamina, alignment, greater range of motion, and understanding in the yoga poses. One we have built a strong foundation, we will dive into practicing the full range of yoga postures. Our work will not be so focused on the postures themselves— rather, the poses will become a testament to the solid foundation we have built. We will cover standing poses, seated poses, twists, forward bends, core strengthening, beginning stages of learning inversions like handstand and forearm balance, sun salutations, and building the thoracic strength and mobility for backbends.

Everything will be built in stages with step-by-step instructions and modifications offered so students are able to tune into their bodies and practice at their own level.  

Classes will integrate:

  • Yoga

  • Lacrosse Balls and Yoga-Tune-Up balls to work muscle, fascia, tissue restrictions, mobilize, and release held patterns

  • Functional Range Conditioning to create greater range of motion and strength in the new range of motion

  • Foundational Gymnastics

  • Footwork

  • Joint Mobility

  • Internal alignment cues

  • Workshop Style Breaking-It-Down / Step-By-Step Supportive work

  • Repetition to integrate what we have learned and witness growth

  • Tools for working with emotions, sensations, and thoughts as physical openings begin to unfold. (Yoga Philosophy, Buddhist Philosophy, and Chinese 5-Element Philosophy) 

  • Weekly check-ins with students on what they are needing 

  • Dharma Talks / Restorative on full moon days or days near the full moon

Focus Points:

  • Feet and Ankles

  • Hips

  • Hamstrings

  • Core (front, side, & back)

  • Ribs

  • Spinal Mobility

  • Upper, Middle and Lower Back 

  • Hand and Wrist Mobility and Strength

  • Chest Opening

  • Shoulders 

  • Neck & Jaw Releasing

  • Breath work

  • Philosophy

This class will help you discover greater ease in your asana practice through the sustainable, underground development of strength, range-of-motion, alignment, and somatic awareness. Join us! 

Dates: Jan. 8 - Feb. 26
Day: Tuesdays
Time: 6:00 - 7:30PM
Regular Price: $144

EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT: $128 - Sign up By Dec 11!


BONUS:  Students in this series get a one-on-on lesson or shiatsu with Kendra for 50% off. 

Read Kendra’s bio.

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Meditation and Chanting (Free!)
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