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Gentle Yoga as Meditation

Gentle Yoga as Meditation

Living in a human body naturally brings both joys and challenges. In this five week class series, we will approach yoga as a meditative process, exploring how -- through mindfulness practiced both in movement and in stillness -- we can cultivate tenderness and connectedness with our bodies. We will tune into the possibility that fuller embodiment can support our sense of freedom, aliveness and overall well-being.This class is intended for anyone interested in developing a relationship of compassion and connection within. As a participant in this program, you will learn practical tools, based in yoga and meditation, for developing a compassionate relationship with the experiences of embodiment. The guidance offered will be suitable for both beginners and those with experience in meditation, yoga and/or mindfulness.The program will include gentle guided yoga and meditation practices together with guided reflection and group dialogue.

Saturdays, 11am-12:15pm

November 2th-30th, 2019


Instructor Bio

Éowyn Ahlstrom, M.Ed., a teacher at the Mindfulness Center at Brown University, has many years' experience leading programs in mindfulness and yoga. She also sees students privately for individual guidance, and loves supporting those interested in accessing the transformative process yoga and meditation can offer. Éowyn is a certified Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) teacher, holds the highest registry mark obtainable for yoga teachers from the Yoga Alliance, and is a certified massage therapist with decades of experience. Through her work leading yoga for retreats at the Insight Meditation Society, Éowyn has developed a deep understanding of how to skillfully weave yogic and mindfulness meditation methods together to support participants in her courses in accessing the value of both. Her master's degree is from the American College of Education, where she studied health and wellness.