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Ayurveda Workshop

(Ayur=Life; Veda=Knowledge)

Ayurveda is the ancient science of balancing the body’s systems through holistic lifestyle practices


Do you sometimes struggle with stress or sleep? Want to explore how to deeply nourish yourself with food? Interested in gaining some transformative self-care tools that can easily fit into your busy schedule? 

This workshop is for you. Come learn practical life skills from the science of Ayurveda!

We will explore dinacharya, the daily routine described in Ayurveda to help alleviate the stress that’s endemic to modern life. This ancient science offers many quick and easy ways to restore balance to your body and mind while harmonizing you with the natural rhythms of the seasons. You will leave this workshop with several deep, yet simple, practices to take you through this fall and winter with ease, health and happiness. 

Non-members: $35 Members: $30

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Instructor Bio: Saraswati Riina is a 500-hour Sivandana yoga teacher and has spent many years practicing and teaching in various Sivananda ashrams around the world. She is also an avid Vipassana meditator, Ayurvedic Body Treatment practitioner and massage therapist. She teaches from her vast knowledge of yoga as a complete science, and from her background in massage and Ayurveda. You will leave her class feeling rejuvenated, relaxed and more connected with your true Self!