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Yoga Fundamentals


Regular yoga practice yields strength and flexibility in your body and mind. It helps us to breathe more deeply, alleviate stress, and leads us toward a greater sense of internal comfort, connection, and wellbeing.

This May, we’re offering a 4-week mini series on Yoga Fundamentals. Whether you’re brand new to yoga, or looking to review and refine your alignment, this class will cover all the basics so that you can comfortably enjoy a regular yoga practice. This series is offered in a laid-back environment, and we have mats, blocks, and everything else you may need to practice with us. No previous experience necessary!

Saturday May 4, 11, 18, & 25
11:30 AM - 12:45 PM

  • Week 1- We’ll introduce basic breathing and alignment principles that can be applied to a wide range of postures . We’ll learn how to find greater comfort and support using props, and explore techniques that help to steady the mind.

In the following weeks, we’ll workshop different types of postures:

  • Week 2- Standing postures and downward-facing dog

  • Week 3- Twists and forward folds

  • Week 4- Backbends and an in-depth exploration of savasana (final relaxation)

Classes will build upon one another, but can also be taken as stand-alone classes, if space permits.

DROP-IN’S: $15
(Or use your regular class passes)

Space is limited, pre-registration required.
Visit our schedule to sign-up to reserve your spot!


Instructor Bio:

Julie began practicing yoga around 2002. It was recommended by a physical therapist after repeat sessions for neck and shoulder issues. As she began practicing yoga, the relief was almost immediately felt. She witnessed less tension, more relaxation, more flexibility, not only in her neck and shoulders, but within her entire body, mind and spirit. It was not long before she felt a desire to deepen her knowledge and become a yoga instructor. She is a mom of 3 plus 1 after re-marrying! In 2017 she finally followed her lifelong dream and enrolled in a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training. She graduated in June of 2018, from Sadhana Yoga School in Keene, NH. She plans to continue learning, attending workshops and trainings whenever possible. Through her training she learned that yoga is so much more than poses. "It ignites a flame within that glows and brightens the more you practice." She hopes to bring a warm, welcoming and loving feeling of acceptance to all who practice with her. Her classes will bring a deeper understanding of alignment and the connection between mind and body as it relates to each asana (pose). She gives clear instruction while focusing on the breath and slow release of tension. You can expect to leave class feeling loved, grateful, peaceful and with a desire to return for more! It will be suitable for all levels and evolves with her as she moves along her yoga path. 

Off the mat she enjoys the sunshine, music, coffee shops, hiking, gazing at the night sky, anything outdoors really, and doing all of that with her loved ones by her side.