Our Mission

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Yoga is a practice that invites us to discover our fundamental sense of connection and oneness with all beings. Despite yoga’s underlining message of radical unity, throughout its history not everyone has been welcomed to this practice. Often, yoga has been inclusive to only those with power and privilege, while oppressed and marginalized groups have experienced (and continue to experience) serious and significant barriers to practice. 

Our aspiration is to provide our community with a space where everyone feels welcome to practice yoga. In order to reduce some of the barriers to practice, we offer a selection of donation-optional offerings each week, including Trauma Sensitive Yoga.

We also offer full and partial scholarships to Prenatal Yoga and Parent-Baby Yoga to any parent upon request. Individuals moving through experiences of pregnancy and birth are supported by a community of parents going through similar transitions. Classes offer the opportunity for new and expectant parents to have their experiences validated while also engaging in radical self-care that supports their physical and mental health and well-being. We are strongly committed to supporting those in our community who are nurturing the next generation of humans. If you could make use of these scholarship funds, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

If there are other classes that you are interested in experiencing and cost is prohibitive to your ability to attend, let us know. Additionally, please feel free to share any questions, suggestions, or feedback. We have a suggestion box in our lobby, and we’re happy to receive direct communication as well. We’re committed to meeting the needs of our community, while aspiring toward the continual evolution of our studio culture to best fulfill our mission.  

Email us: scholarships@greatfallsyoga.com