Mikey Sweet


Mikey has been practicing yoga for 10 years. He was awarded his, (200)YTD by Eileen Muir, in the Iyengar tradition at Karuna Yoga in 2014. He teaches classes privately and around the Valley. As a seeker of truth within the yogic arts, Mikey has an eclectic background in training. He has studied the Sutra's of Patanjali and the Bhagavad Gita with such scholars as, Edwin F Bryant and Paul Sherbow. His teaching is steeped in the Bhakti traditions booth East and West. It is not unlike Mikey to pull from an eclectic bag of proverbial wisdom, from a diversity of faith traditions. He also is a Vippasana practitioner, and has studied with many teachers and monks from the Thai Forest traditions, from Tahn Pamutto to Ajahn Dick, making many pilgrimages to monasteries to learn from the masters. Mikey’s heart in teaching Yoga is to help bring the relief of suffering, by helping to bridge the connection of the student to their Higher Self.