Lauren Crigler


Lauren had the privilege to study yoga with Swami Shantimurti in Ohui, New Zealand, where she received her 200 RYT certificate in 2013. The style of yoga that Lauren practices and teaches has its roots in the teachings of the classical, traditional yoga of the Saraswati lineage. 

Lauren sees yoga not as a belief system, but as a system of mental and physical practices that help us connect our breath, mind and body. Her classes include a variety of still and moving postures, and conclude with pranayama (breathing) and meditation. She emphasizes the need to connect the mind, breath and body for optimum results. 

Lauren's approach to yoga is as her approach to life: with lightness and an open heart. She believes that laughter helps to release the "monkey brain" that blocks our attempts for a clear mind, and so she encourages smiles and giggles throughout her classes. 

Lauren has taught yoga in a private studio in Leverett, as well as classes for members of the Brick Coworkshop collective in Holyoke. She has also taught "Beer-belly Yoga" for employees of High Horse in Amherst, and more recently, had the opportunity to guest teach at Naturlig Yoga in Hitra, Norway.