Kendra Renzoni


In 5-Element philosophy the element of fire is known as the magician because it transforms everything it touches. There is something so magical about taking what you have and turning it into something new. It is not the "new thing" that is liberating, but the knowing that you can transform what you have. In her classes we go behind the scenes, where the real magic happens, and transform our prior knowledge, challenges and limitations into strength and freedom.

Kendra studied a very traditional style of yoga called Iyengar Yoga, but through multiple injuries and yearning to learn more she began to study Shiatsu (a Japanese form of bodywork), Shadow Yoga, Functional Range Conditioning, foundational gymnastics, movement patterns from the Movement Culture -- specifically the work of Ido Portal, and therapeutic work with muscle and connective tissue. Her teaching and her practice are highly influenced by these practices! 

She teaches alignment, strength within mobility, grace, technique, and experiential understanding of the anatomy and emotions within the body. 

Her classes are a living, philosophical inquiry into freedom through our bodies and our lives. She believes that truth, insight, clarity, and inner guidance can be discovered through the body. Her teaching uses yoga as a tool to investigate limiting thought patterns, our relationship to pain, and the ending of suffering. In this way, the practice of yoga can become a means of revealing and living in alignment with the heart.