Jocelyn O'Shea


By creating a strong flexible body you will find a strong flexible mind.

My classes integrate the philosophy of yoga and mindfulness practices with careful guidance and close attention to breathing. Focus on alignment helps to maintain a balance between effort and ease in our practice.

I began practicing yoga in 1999, and started teaching full time in 2009. I have studied many different lineages but currently teach non-lineage based yoga. I encourage my students to look within and listen to the inner teacher, to move intuitively in ways that promote harmony and healing.

I have found my greatest teachers to be my students who bring me endless inquiry and inspiration. It has been through teaching that I have learned about anatomy, modifications, and articulated guidance. As a teacher I am known for my consistency, precision, creativity, warmth and humor. It is with great love and respect that I offer these teachings to anyone who is interested in learning.