Daniel Rainwater


Daniel has spent his life both terrified and infatuated with movement, pain, resistance, and change.  Beginning the practice of yoga when he was 11, he quickly embarked on a mission to disassemble the dogma that he found, and to uncover the principles that he experienced to be lacking.  He thinks of all movement as being a progressive system of practice, based on awareness of ourselves in relationship with the space and external world around us.  As we embrace the cultivation of each layer that makes up who we are, pain patterns or just poor movement can become better movement and   Daniel likens it to an excavation process in which we cast a light onto the parts of ourselves that need tending to, aligning and polishing our inner world so that our outer efforts become smooth and easeful.  It’s yoga, but it doesn’t cease to be yoga if called something else.  It’s the process of awakening to the question of human potential and equipping ourselves with the best tools for skillfully attending to our life's work.

As a teacher, Daniel's passion is to guide you down your own most direct route to skillfulness and ease as you tend to your own life.  There is a method to the madness, and sharing this fluid movement practice method is Daniel's joy and where he feels most alive!  The invitation is to come be alive, and express what that means through movement and awareness. Stillness included.