Class Descriptions

Yoga Fundamentals

A class for those who are new to yoga, or those with experience who wish to refine and review the basics. We'll cover basic postures, breath, and alignment principals, with modifications tailored to meet the needs of every body. We have mats, blocks, and everything that you need to practice with us. 

All Levels Yoga

Beginners as well as advanced practitioners are welcome to take this class, and options will be given to fit various practice levels. Emphasis is on finding proper alignment in the poses and using the breath to find a balance between effort and ease.

Gentle Yoga

This class is a slow-paced combination of gentle postures and flowing movements. All bodies will be accommodated, and no previous yoga experience is necessary. 

Mindful Flow

Woven of asana (postures), pranayama (breath), and meditation, this practice invites you to experience the depth of your awareness while moving through flowing postures. Postures move fluidly with the breath in a slow-style flow, with oppoortunities for longer holds woven throughout. Attention to alignment supports whole body integration both within and between postures. 

Vinyasa Flow

This class invites students to link breath and awareness with a vigorous flow-style class. Incorporating asana (postures), pranayama (breath work), and meditation, this class cultivates strength and flexibility in both the body and mind. Attention to alignment will be woven throughout, and some previous yoga experience is recommended. 

Holistic Yoga

Holistic (Akhanda®) Yoga is designed to inspire students through the diverse aspects of yoga including; asana, pranayama, mantra, mudra, relaxation & meditation. These techniques work synergistically to deepen your exploration of the body/mind connection, release blockages and cleanse outmoded thought patterns. This practice aims to heighten your energetic awareness and to balance and expand the flow of prana. A nice class choice for stress reduction.

Restorative Yoga

During restorative yoga the body is passively supported on props and invited to relax completely, gently stretching while being supported from underneath. A typical class will be comprised of 3-5 long-held postures. The goal of restorative yoga is to bring the body-mind into a deep state of relaxation. Class size limited to 10 people, and no previous yoga experience is necessary. 

Yin Yoga

Passively held postures are held for longer durations of time (often with the support of props) to bring the body into a deeper stretch. The practice targets our deepest tissues of the body— our connective tissues, including ligaments, joints, bones, and the deep fascia networks of the body. No previous yoga experience necessary. 

Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal yoga offers women in any stage of pregnancy the opportunity to breathe, stretch, strengthen, and soften. The classes are uniquely designed to support a healthy pregnancy and an empowered birth experience. Connect with your divine creative energy and the miraculous changes your body and baby are experiencing. Share among a community of expectant mommas in a safe and compassionate environment.  In our weekly classes you will learn to alleviate many of the discomforts women experience during the childbearing time and you will cultivate tools to calm your mind and to help you with labor and birth. Women at any fitness level, who are new to yoga, or have been practicing for years, are welcome to join. If you have a history of miscarriage, or have had trouble conceiving, please consult with your caregiver to determine the best time to join.

Parent & Baby Yoga

Parent and baby yoga offers caregivers and their newborns a chance to connect with each other and a community of other new parents through yoga. These classes will focus on postpartum healing and poses to help support babies optimal development. Take time to nourish yourself and learn tools to support you on your parenting journey. This class is designed for newborn babies 6 weeks old until the point in which they are crawling. Feeding, walking, bouncing, changing, and soothing your babies are perfectly normal during this class.

Community Yoga

Our mission at Great Falls Yoga is to create a space where all are welcome to practice. In an effort to improve the accessibility of yoga and better serve the members of our community, we offer Community Yoga classes free of charge. Donations are gratefully accepted, but not at all required. All levels of experience are welcome.

Monthly Chanting Circle

On the first Thursday of every month, join us for an open chanting circle! This program is free & all are welcome to join. Folks are invited to bring instruments with the opportunity to offer to lead a chant/mantra or song from any faith or tradition. Free to attend!

Monthly Satsang

On the third Thursday of every month, join us from 7-8pm for a satsang. This monthly gathering will offer time to practice meditation and a period for discussion about yoga philosophy and practice. Free for all to attend, though donations to the instructors are generously accepted.